Licence Reporting

Licence usage auditing for Genesys and 3rd party products

Genesys LRM

InProd's License Reporting feature is a replacement offering to the Genesys Licence Reporting Manager (LRM). The intention is to cater for all agent based licence auditing requirements for Genesys and 3rd party products. This has been added as a base feature to the InProd product and available at no additional cost.

High Level Features

  • Enabled and concurrent licence models
  • Support for custom licence definitions, not limited to Genesys products
  • Business unit level reporting
  • Intra day reports, 2 minutes behind real time events
  • Customisable report templates can include external data sources
  • Report delivery available in HTML, Excel and CSV
  • License definitions that are consistent with LRM
  • Multi-site support
Genesys License Reporting report

Finally, the platform consumption for each business unit can be accurately reporting on, allowing internal usage costs to be correctly allocated to the department consuming the service. Agents that service multiple departments have their consumption split evenly.

With the introduction of custom licence definitions, licence reporting is no longer limited to just Genesys products. Now, one reporting solution can capture all agent related licence consumption requirements, irrespective of the vendor.

There are no large nightly processing jobs that generate the reporting data. Instead real time events are processed every minute for the previous minute. This means the licence reporting data is at most 2 minutes behind any real time event.

Reporting data is immediately available via the InProd web application, or via the exposed API. Schedule reports can also be delivered via email in HTML, Excel or CSV formatting. HTML reports can be heavily customised to include external data sources and custom calculations. This removes the need to manually manipulate reports before publishing.

The licence reporting feature further extends the value in which InProd offers to managing the contact centre platform. Why relaying on licence reporting data generated from the the software vendor? Or risk getting it wrong with home grown reports?

When considering or currently using a pay per use licence model, accurate and independently verified reporting may have considerable savings.