Genesys Configuration Auditing and Change Management

Key benefits


In Dimension Data's 2014 Network Barometer report, counting 'other human errors' and 'configuration errors', mistakes made by people account for 30% of all failures, which shows avoidable human error causes almost one-third of all incidents that are still potentially avoidable [1]. With highly complex and large Genesys environments the risk of human error is even higher. An Avaya survey shows that on average 80% percent of companies lose revenue when there is an outage. [2]


That is why InProd have taken steps to build a platform that will significantly reduce outages; save on remediation costs and potential revenue losses. InProd is designed specifically for change control on the Genesys platform, to reduce the risk of error, speeds up restore time in the unlikely event of an error and drastically shortens the implementation process itself. Long, cumbersome system updates across multiple servers are a thing of the past.  With InProd, business units can increase strategic changes whilst lowering outages all without the need any staffing changes.


This is done by InProds unique change management capabilities, within a few clicks an engineer can bundle a multitude of Genesys configuration objects or changes into a change package called a ‘change set’. The change set can then be targeting at a new Genesys environment.  InProds highly advanced rules engine looks for configuration errors within the change set, preventing mistakes upfront, saving your business potential costs and revenue losses caused by system downtime.